Client Stories

Kathleen and Mike Hobbins– Meals on Wheels volunteers for 9 years:

When speaking of how caring Kathleen and Mike are, client Ed Brown said “Kathleen always hugs me and kisses each cheek.”

When our clients come to the door, each of them has an important story about why Meals on Wheels is critical to their life. Here are just a few of the stories about the seniors you are helping. Not only do we assist our seniors, but our seniors inspire us!

 …from our VOLUNTEERS & STAFF:

 Dianne– Meals on Wheels volunteer for 19 years:

“There are so many stories – slices of life – that I’ve shared with people over the years that it’s hard to narrow the experiences down to a few. It’s rather amazing how much of a person’s life you share in the few minutes you spend with them while delivering their meal. Those minutes add up to friendships and relationships that are so precious, and truly can have a great impact not only on those begin served, but on those serving as well. I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to be able to be a part of the Meals on Wheels for all these years.”

 Craig Holmes, New Meals on Wheels Volunteer 
“There is a real need here for the companionship that our clients feel. We are welcomed into their lives. We are a safety check as well. This is a segment of the population that is often overlooked, and the program has become such a staple for many”.

Dave – Meals on Wheels Volunteer Coordinator

On a blistery 90-degree July day, our Volunteer Coordinator, Dave Hagen, was substituting for a volunteer and delivered meals. At one client’s home, Dave told her he remembered she had gotten an air conditioner a year ago, but noticed that it was not installed. She said she didn’t have anyone to put it in, and he offered to help. He stopped back after work on his way home and put it in for her. He asked her if there was anything else she needed and she said, “Well…” and changed her storm doors to screens, too.

 …from our CLIENTS & FAMILIES:

 Daughter of Joe – 91-years old

“It is with pleasure and anticipation that my dad welcomes Deb into his home and his life for those few uplifting minutes each day.”

 Mary – 69-year old client

“Dear Staff of  Meals on Wheels – My eternal gratitude for the meals you deliver along with your smiling, encouraging visits. Meals on Wheels has made my past 6 weeks of recovery so much easier. The meals are well-balanced and tasty and I find myself looking forward to your visits. We, the seniors of Grand Traverse county, are so fortunate to have such great volunteers. Again, thank you so much and God bless your efforts.”